Becky Lambert

I currently am a participant in the WIS Program and Scotland is an amazing place and the culture here is refreshingly unique and spirited. There is everything here from adventures hiking in the Highlands, shopping in Edinburgh and going to a football match in Glasgow. The actual WIS program could have been better organized and executed though. Much of what we were told at orientation changed once we got here. For example we were told that our cell-phones would be payed for by the program but we found that when we got here they would not be providing us with a plan after all. Additionally, we were told that we were to have every Friday off for going around Scotland/ Europe. This was also not true once we got here. Many of the other students here and I think that this program was handled poorly and sloppily. Despite this dissatisfaction it has been an amazing experience and has opened my eyes to so much more that is going on globally and at home. The culture classes have taught me to think even more critically about what is going on around me and it has been fun seeing myself grow.


One thought on “Becky Lambert

  1. Thanks very much for your testimonial and feedback on your program experience. The two examples you provide are areas I know are covered in great detail during orientation, so I apologize that there was misunderstanding amongst your group. We appreciate the feedback so we can strive to ensure everything is clear for future students. As always, prospective students should check the official Wisconsin in Scotland website: for information on what is included in your program cost, program dates, etc.

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