Toni Hunter


I attended WIS in the Spring of 1999.  My time at Dalkeith Palace was amazing.  I knew a few people before going but met many others.  The Professors and other students became like a large family.  Class was fun but the travel was the best.  Living in another country for a while opens you to other ways of life and to experiences that are invaluable.  It’s something that is much harder to do once you’re out if school so I always advise to take advantage of study abroad programs.  I wish I could’ve been there for a year!

My time in Scotland allowed me to learn more about myself as a person and about the world.  I took the opportunity to travel on a few weekend trips and took advantage of every moment if spring break to see other areas. I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

My advice to future WIS students:  Plan ahead and bring twice as much money as you think you’ll need.  Trust me…you will spend it.  You may only get the opportunity to do this once so make every minute count.  Be a tourist.  Immerse yourself in new experiences.  Try things you never thought you’d be able to do.  Travel!  Don’t just hang out at the house.  Go on weekend trips.  Have a jam packed break.  You never know when you’ll get to do so much again. Soak in every moment because it passes too quickly.


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