Traci Tufte

Participating in the program, in the Fall of 2008, really helped me learn how to work closely with a new group of people, gain comfort with travelling and living in new places and gave me great insight into a culture outside my own. It sparked my interest in living and working internationally. I also met my best friend, who was my WIS room mate. My experiences in WIS inspired me to seek out the University of Edinburgh when looking for graduate programs and I started my MBA there this fall, four years since first visiting. I could just not stay away! My time in Dalkeith was hands down the highlight of my undergraduate career.

Do it! You would not regret it! The key is to not say “no” to anything. Participate in all trips, and travel outside Scotland if you can. The culture of Scotland is unique and the people generally are very friendly. The history, geography and architecture are nothing like the US, and there are many amazing things to discover no matter where you look. It is truly an unforgettable experience.


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