Haven Skyy

Traveling to Scotland with WIS changed my life.

I am a better, stronger, more interesting, and more capable person than who I was before.

While there, I climbed into a cloud, saw the sunlight wash Arthur’s Seat in golden glory, felt the sweet chill of mist sweeping through Glen Nevis, and collected the fascinating life stories of dozens of beautiful strangers, two of whom I still talk to today. Over a long weekend, we traveled across over 1200 miles of Scottish Highlands, and it was then that I became a nature freak. With seashells in the walls and a maze of corridors and tiny niches to navigate, the house was the most absurd and delightful place I’d ever stayed in at the time. Read, write, listen, and take your tests – use every advantage the environment makes available to you, in both work, school, and personal growth.

At night, when the city lights catch your eyes as you’re traveling into Edinburgh, the locals tell exotic tales of beer and bawdy to anyone who will listen. Instantly catching your accent, you’ll be asked hundreds of questions by dozens of people over time; with the slightest measure of personal charm, you’ll make friends and find freedom in the living fantasy that is studying abroad. Take the time, delve deeply, and you’ll acquire access to the wealth of history, family focus, and richly textured existence in a foreign country. After, come back and see – feel – the way in which your perspective has been turned on its ear and your world upside down.


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