Lukas Comstock

The WIS program captured my heart in the Fall of 2008.  There isn’t enough that I could say about it.  Not only did I get a chance to learn from some of the best professors I have ever had the pleasure to have class with, but I experienced a culture that has no match.  Living in a palace doesn’t hurt experience either.  The balance between the freedom to explore and an enhanced learning experience is just astounding.  While there, I learned more about the world than I had ever before, I became a local at a small Scottish pub, I made so many friends that I will keep forever, and I had a host family that I keep in contact regularly with still while in the states and have even gone back to visit them in Scotland this year!  I can’t stress enough that this trip is built for every single type of person.  Whether you’re interested in exploring Scotland’s rich history and culture in its cities or hiking through the highlands, I personally guarantee that if your mind is open, you will love this place, I have not met a person who didn’t.  I will travel to Scotland again and again until the end of my days.  There is no place like it.


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