Sarah Jacobs Resch

I was in the Wisconsin in Scotland program Spring 1995. Rollo Taylor ended up taking over the Director-ship that year because the actual director had a stroke. That was a sad time.

I grew up in Scotland. My mom tells me that when they put me on the plane I looked like a lost little 6 year old heading off to school for the first time. When they came to visit me 8 weeks later I was confident and “worldly.” (Her words).

I learned to depend upon myself that semester. I had a very supportive and loving family that I am very fortunate to have, however Scotland is where I learned to love them and also be ME. I learned how to get through foreign countries where I did not speak the language. I connected with people that I couldn’t speak with. I learned how to make quick decisions regarding my safety and mostly I learned that things are “different” not better or worse. I left for Scotland a girl and I came back as a woman.

Since coming back from Scotland I have gotten married and now have 3 children. I am an Executive Director at a resident camp and I use the lessons that I learned thinking on my feet EVERY DAY. I am fortunate to work with a large number of college students every summer and now I encourage them to study abroad. Take the risk and open your eyes to the world!


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